Does anyone play StarCraft?

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I've tried many other games but never could get into them...That was probably b/c of dial up. Send it to me and I'll play it ;)
I play halo on my computer, i wish they would make a a halo 2 for it. It pretty sweet, but starcraft looks fun too for 9 bucks.
i used 2 play sc then i lost my key ill get another one i play 1.6 on steam if u wanna game
sorry to not talk about starcraft but any1 ever play warcraft 3 or diablo 1 or 2?
games iv matsered
-diablo2 expantion
-cs 1.5 1.6
-world of warcaft
-day of defeat
-half life 2
pssh star craft wht how old are you guys 16 -18 and you play starcraft lol btw who won??? ;D
death wooped my a$$ nice base man he inpired me 2 be zerg :}
if ya can get the game get it fun as hell