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Feb 27, 2005
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NY - Orange County
Well guys the shop I "work" at has decided to start making the direct mount shifters for everyone! So you will now all be able to purchase one of Boxhead's version direct mount shifters that do away with the shifter linkage and WILL WORK with the big bear oil cooler setup!!!


(the image below is before paint)

To reserve one and to purchase when they are made please let me know!!! ONLY MAYBE TEN will be made at first; DO NOT LOSE OUT ON THIS DEAL this is a complete custom job!

This type of shifter gives you NO play in your shifting (faster more accurate shifts), is easy to adjust, and is the ONLY direct bolt up kind that will work and is designed to be used with a BB oil cooler setup! Each shifter is custom fit on my bike for a perfect fit and will be made available to the first TEN people. After the first ten are sold then and only then will the shop decide if they are going to make more (THIS COULD BE THE ONLY TEN)!
The shifters will cost any where between $60-$85.00 (we haven’t decided yet). The parts to make each shifter cost about $35.00 + about 2 hours labor for each one so it’s worth it. We have the stuff to make 10 on the way and we are making a jig modeled after mine this week so we can make carbon copies. If they aren’t all sold here they will be sold on eBay or locally. But like I said guys I don’t know if this will be the ONLY ten being made so GET IN ON THIS DEAL if you think you want one!! They should fit the raptor 350 if not you can return it no hassles!
same here I want one, but I'm not ready to spend that much on a shifter
well guys 35-40$ for 2 hours of welding, bending, torching, painting, fitting, cutting, grinding, & sanding labor isnt to bad... Most aftermarket shifters go for the same. The time and effort that goes into these is is well worth the money I dont think the price would go any lower. If they dont sell on here they will sell on ebay or local what can I say just thought id offer the few being made on the site to give you guys the first chance at them. Dont take my word for it but to get rid of the sloppyness in the stock linkage and for the improved shifting its not "just a shifter". The dif. they make in shifting is clear and the option for oil cooling they open up is priceless!