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Feb 27, 2005
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Raceland Louisiana
I have built up enough nerve to cut my fenders and would like for you guys to post some pictures of yours to give me some ideas. Also what is the best method to use to cut them? Thanks ;D
heres a pic from a wile ago (befor nerfs and stuff) but it shows how i cut them

i use a carpenders knife (not EZ) and then smoothed it out with 1000 grit.
pay no mind to my bro in the back ground ...he wouldnt get out of the way


*for more pics go to my pic thread in the image section*

but it was pretty simple...i used a jigsaw ....i took my fenders off and let my bro hold em while i cut...and used a razor blade to round off the edges (be careful because if you havnt worked with plastic befor you may mess it up using a razor blade!) then i took an electric sander and tamed the shape up while smoothing it down......good luck man and make sure you take some pics for us!
I used a dremel and a cutting wheel; worked flawlessly and smoothly - not a lot of sanding needed! I traced the shape on the plastics with a marker and measured them in several places to insure they were even and exact on both sides. Then I cut the shape out following the traces leaving about a half inch extra then what I had marked. After they were both cut I looked it over with the cuts I made re-measured looking for anything not even then I did the final cut right on the line. After the cuts were done I measured in many places AGAIN to make sure they were perfect and flawless and hand sanded them to a rounded edge finish. I made all the cuts with the plastics ON THE QUAD for a few reasons. When they are on the quad you can see the outcome immediately allowing you to correct anything you don't like before it's to late. Also when they are on the quad they are held firmly in place allowing little flux while cutting and accurate measurements.
lol seen a raptor 660 with cut fenders said hey thats cool... took a marker drew some lines and cut it all with in 5 min sanded alittle and was done :cool: ...its the most dramatic thing looks wise with out spending a penny ...and pretty easy as long as you know about the look your going for... no biggy im a pretty desent artest so i sopose that could of played a part in it...just remember you can always cut more off later but you cant grow your fenders back how ever once your done ::)
lol good sudgestion....i just said **** it! got the jigsaw and went at no biggy ...if you **** it up just cut all but the gas tank cover iv always wonted to see what that would look like if anything youll have less plastic to ristrict you there for you go faster! :D :-* :p :cool: ;)
I took your advise and got drunk the night before.
They are cut so far it is just the mudgaurd lip that I cut with a jigsaw.



Thanks for all of your input. ;D
might want to cut them a little bit shorter...mine were like that and they snapped in half..didn't roll it oranything. just gay. so i had to cut them again..oh well