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Where can i find the cheapest aftermarket a-arms?

Armadillo, but Armadillo = JUNK!!. My magnums may not be the best but ive hit 50 ft stepups in 5th pinned and came up short and they were fine. You can find them on but im warning you about them man, theres 2 guys that have warriors in my town, both go to the same backwoods trails and 2 tracks that I do, The one with the armadillo a arms broke them off where the bolt goes through hitting a 30 ft double, the one with stockers made it fine. I heard they really werent made for that stuff, maybe they were just a bad pair that the guy got :-/.
I picked up the armadillo arms and haven't had any problems to date, and that's while seriously beating the **** out of them. I've had quite a few rubs with boulders directly on them as well without the powdercoat even being damaged. I compared them for quite a while to the wicked arms before buying them and they definately took the cake. I would definately disagree that they are junk, I've thoroughly tested these fuckers without any disappointments yet, if anyone has seen them bend it was probably from the person jumping with them and landing incorrectly on the front end. Since the break mentioned was at the pivot point I wouldn't doubt it one bit that the guy buried his front end really hard, quite a few people don't know how to jump a front heavy bike, almost any arm will break when you do that (or the rider will be wearing his bumper for a necklace!) ;D
The best? Roll Design,Laeger,Gibson,Houser, those are all great arms but I dont think any of them make them for the Warrior our choices are limited to ASR,Armadillo,Wicked,Lonestar,Burgard,Magnum,im prbly missin a few but thats a good place to start.
does any one have a set of the ASR a-arms if so how do u like them cuase i think i might buy a set of +2 arms