Change of the bragging rights section name!

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Feb 27, 2005
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NY - Orange County
Well it has come to my attention that this name may not be suitable for that section. The moderators of this board have moved many posts from the pictures/image section into the correct destination (bragging rights). So if you would all please post your input and ideas as to what the new name should be to signify the category topic or if you would like to keep it the same id appreciate it.

~ DeathShadow
Yeah both boards sections are almost the same, i say change it into a media section like BT, alot less confusing. Combine the image hosting thing into the updates board section. And also for the Other quad, you should add a problem section and just a media section. IMO its just making it more clutered and taking up space for nothing.

What do you guys think?
that makes sense maybe we should just have a generalized pic board for all quads and leave our off topic forum for all other pics.