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Oct 28, 2020
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I've had 3 warriors for several years,sitting in the corner of the shop. Got bored about 3 month or so ago and decided to pull them out and look at one to build. After finding all the boxes that they were in and sorting threw parts I picked the frame and did some research. Initially the vin came back to a 2000 warrior and I sorted threw my manuals and found several different copies. When I was finishing the rolling chassis and started wiring everything up( i usually take the factory harness and redo connectors plugs wire ect. as needed) I quickly found out I had 3 or 4 different harness all for warriors. Researching some more it didnt take long to see that there are 15 different variations as far as electrical on the warriors. I know have a beautiful ATV that wont start or run. After countless hours messing with the different wiring harness and electronic components Ive had very little luck. So after reading about my situation and probably getting a really good laugh thinking to yourself "What was this idiot THINKING!" if you have any input that might help please post. Geuss were i need to start is how to decipher all the different warrior model ( YFM350X, YFM350XA, YFM350S ect.......) Thanks for any input yall can give