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yea man glad someone replied!!! :mad: jk that would be cool if it worked im thinkin about a carb :eek:
well i want the edlebrock quicksilver carb but i gotta do nerfs first, which will come by the end of this month hopefully. Then ill start to look at carbs...

my racin tractor has a warrior carb on it, so even if its not made by somebody, ANYTHING can be done.
Email DG or edelbrock and ask them, if anyone knows its them. If i were you i would just get the edelbrock, its better than the kehin carb.
im basically in the same boat as u guys, when i get my tractor finished, i may get an edelbrock for that if i dont sell it first, that would be sweet, cause it was a bitch with the carb i had on it before to jet. This carb helps cause its got an accel pump, but I think since with this stock warrior carb on it, if i dont sell it, i might upgrade to an edelbrock so that way i never ever have to worry about jetting it again. As for u warrior guys, go with deff either a edelbrock or a PWK(sp) keihn airstriker carb. I heard they are the best, and i ahve ridden a warrior with the keihn on it, deff. better than stock, but i dunno, these edelbrocks have been getting a bit of a good review and a bit of a bad one (good performance, but some diffilculty installing)
Difficulty installing? Well unless you are a complete douche bag and can’t use a rotary tool (and if you cant you shouldn’t own a quad) they are easy to install...