can you answer a few

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Oct 19, 2005
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Thank god its not a problem with the raptor this time. i've owned my raptor for about 4 months now i've purchased they gyt-r frame skid plate and front grab bar. Ive also picked up the pro design and k$n air filter. Why is everybody running the no lid? Where i ride sometimes i get into some deep water but nothing ever to get to the air box. Also im looking at buying the yoshi trc comp system full exhaust for about 400 dollars is that a good price? and what jet kit should i buy should i go with the gyt-r jet kit? thanks for the help im sure yall get these questions all the time but im a new rider and trying to learn. Thanks
ok is you prodesigns a clamp on kit? if so you can toos the lid and the reason for this is more air flow in. if you ride in a lot of water then i dont think it would be a good idea to get rid of the lid (not sure). and if you got a pro designs clamp on kit then deff get a pipe cuz you have all this air coming in but it cant get out as fast as its coming in. makes sense. but i would get a yoshi full kit for 400. and your gonna want a jet kit for your air fliter n/e ways. i got a moose/dyno jet kit. stage one. thats all you will need . thats wht i have and im using the smallest main jet... have you ever jetted a quad b4 if not theni would find somebody that know wht they are doing. jeting is a pain in the ass..... P.S. do you have pics of your quad? we would be glad to see them .. also welcome to the site stick around
You can run with the lid off. Just buy an outerwears to go over the filter. I have seen them on many websites for like 12 or 13 bucks.
one time on my old bayou i ran it with no air filter down the road without the seat it was so loud
Sometimes when i'm bored I take my air filter off and feed my carbureator pez and skittles