Buddy just got a 400

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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
My friend just got a 400ex with a white bros pipe and racin shocks, am i gonna be able to keep up with him on my stock warrior? I dont mean like pass him but stay with him
It really depends on a few things. Where do you ride? Who is more experienced. A 400ex is more machine than a warrior stock for sure. With his setup the way it is he definitely has an advantage. If you guys ride trails though both of you will be limited on how fast you can go based on skill. If you are riding say dunes then the wide open space is going to leave you behind. I ride trails on my 350 raptor with a guy who has a 125 blaster automatic and I can't say that I totally leave him behind in the trails. Once we get a straight away yea I can dust him but whipping in and out of the trails we are pretty even. Plus he is who I want to ride with so I don't just leave him in the dust...