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Jul 25, 2005
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Should I get one?

What kind?

How much?

Any and all info would be appreciated.

Thanks has the tusk e-brake block off for around 8 bucks + shipping. It comes with the o ring also which most over brands don't. Shipping is a little on the high side so if you need other parts like oil filter, fuel filter, gas cap, or whatever you may want need shipping is way cheaper.

I was going to buy just the e-brake block off from them and they wanted $7.17 to ship it. So I bought all the above, tuck gas cap with breather, K&N oil filter, 2 fuel filters, and shipping went up to like $7.47.
I live in Canada, so shipping would just be nuts.

I also noticed that RockyMountain uses UPS to ship. I'd get killed with duties and brokerage fees when the package crossed the border.

I can get the WhiteBros locally for about $25
how can I use an o-ring on a blockoff plate that doesn't have a groove for one? can you just get a thin o-ring and sandwich it in between the plate and caliper?
Rexx we are in Canada

CAN$17.44 ### Free shipping ### (Canada Post regular mail)

Very, very nice.

JohnnyBravo, you'll see an order from me in the next few days. Thanks.