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Mar 4, 2005
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Well, i just got my warrior tuned and ready to go after the hotcam install. Just in time for a trip to Florida and the Ocalla forest. Power increase was good and definately noticable. It went through the gears much faster. Well, after riding down there I was already thinking piston or soemthing cause it was better but not good enough.

Wellllll..............I kinda messed up alittle bit when that power bug bit me. Instead of buying a piston, i bought another atv. Got a raptor to go with the warrior so now I have to start over I geuss ::)
yea, i like it pretty good, a little harder to keep the front end on the ground but ill get use to it. thinking about extending the swing arm but I just have to get use to it first.
on mine the suspention wasnt smooth at all.....but depending on your deff sudgest some new shocks and depeing on what terain you ride a W.E.R stearing dampiner ...i have one for mine and god its a dream....400 bucks i think i was but the guy that sold it to me owed me so it was only like 150....but yeah i know what you mean....where i ride i cant even get out of 2 gear....but im gonna lower front tooth one.....iv already goten the sprocket just havnt found the time.....she will deff wear your ass out quick ..shes reallys snapy and if you dont watch it ita get away from you but the power is amazing!
I was riding yesterday at a palce we go often. One especially long hill we climb i had to hit WOT in 2nd to keep momentum up to make it to the top, the raptor went up it at barely quarter throttle and was picking up speed the entire way, the low end grunt on that machine is amazing
I definatley didnt plan it, it was one of those deals I jsut decided not to pass up. Was going to give the warrior to my brother, but put it in the paper today instead. He rode it saturday with us and he loved it but its too small for him. His legs are too long to get up on the seat far enough so if he decides to start riding with us we'll ahve to find him something a littel bigger