Best year for a warrior?

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Oct 28, 2005
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CT/Boston MA
ok some im in the market was looking at a 2001 but i think its stolen so im no longer interested in it. so my question, is there a better year then others for a warrior? im looking for something in the 1500-2000 dollar range. obviously prices will vary but im not looking at anything like year 2000+ cause prices will be too high, so what year under 2000 if any is better to get.
well like in the 90's has better lights and stuff but there mostly the same. i dont know if this is true but i heard that after like the first 2 years of the warrior they moved the motor like 2inches not sure tho.
I am sure you can find a 2001 around 1500-2000...Maybe a little more then 2000 but it is well worth it. There are tons of them around just keep your eyes peeled.
I've heard that the '01 is the year to have. I have an '02.

What am I missing out on? What was changed between '01 and '02?
The 2001 model is the newest year you can have with the older wiring harness design allowing you to use the kick ass programmable ignition. Only a small window of Warriors can use it; I believe 1997 - 2001!