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Feb 27, 2005
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N.E. Saskatchewan, Canada

*I posted this for some proof , now he's changed his story....* ::)
(yes I am warrior 91 believe it or not)
Read the whole thread for some insight to the conversation.
I don't want nasty letters to this forum, just some numbers.
Namely , how man units of Warriors have been sold vs other brand sport quads... Am I right or what?
Help I need to answer this dork soon.

P.s this guy is a pain in the ass on some issues...pig headed/wrongheaded sometimes ::)
Sounds like a ******* idiot to me. The warrior has been around for 2 generations. This machine is bullet proof. I dont know why they changed it to the rappy 350, but all good things must come to an end. It hasn't been updated since the 90s (Correct me if I am wrong), so they gave it a face lift.
Yes , indeed....His arguments are WEEK at best.

I just need some numbers there boys, I am hunting this morning and will post my findings here as well.
I don't have the data to back up, defend or otherwise argue either of the statements. Companies often seem to use "best selling" in their marketing a lot, and for numerous different products.

However, I would be willing to bet that if you found the data for *all* sales transactions regarding Banshee vs. Warrior, you'd find that Banshee's are most likely *resold* more often than Warriors. Unfortunately true data for this isn't and probably won't ever be available, but look at any Quad listings in your paper, online, or elsewhere. There are always banshee's listed, and warrior listings are more scarce. Sure they are out there, but you're nearly quaranteed to find more banshees for sale.