Best Full Exhaust System For 350 And Slip On

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Jun 12, 2005
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Garden City, Mo
Personally, I love them all but fmf..but i dont know which 1 2 buy...i want want the sounds good and kinda loud, and helps most with the low end power..i really like the candy red hmf pipe tho..
for low end get hmf but what the quad realy needs is a mid range top end gain and the big gun gives u that
I have a Curtis Sparks Full system for my 400 but I dont know if they make em for 350s, if they do I would get that
I think im gonna buy the dmc alien full system from sweet quads and the raptor 350 k&n power pack from sweet quads!!!!
53RAPTOR350: u really think i should buy and hmf slip on...what are ur experiences with hmf pipes

4trxrider: they sell parts and accessories for quads also