bent steering stem!!!!

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Mar 13, 2005
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i just found a pretty big problem with my warrior that i never knew was there!!! somehow... the pseron i got my warrior from managed to bend the hell out of the steering stem :mad: iv always noticed a problem with the steering not being dead on at times.. mostly when turning right :-/ an now i know why... how the hell do u bend the steering stem without breaking the headlights an plastics an everythign?? ??? it looks like they took the stem off an smacked it with a baseball bat then put it back :-/
well that sucks :-/ steering stems arnt cheap either lol oh well.. i guess i need to fix that b4 i worry about other stuff :mad:, oh and... any ideas about painting the frame? i used just normal gloss black paint on the plastics an clear coated them.. alot lol how about the frame? what kind of paint should i use.. im painting it flat black ;D stock a-arms an swingarm orange ;)
On the frame you should use PJ1, you can order it from rocky mountain atv, or dennis kirk, but some dealers stock it too. Pj1 is one of the best paints for frames and swingarms and other things. Another paint that i have heard good things about is hammerite, it leaves a hammered finish but is supposed to be tough and long lasting. I used rustoleaum mettalic on all of my parts like me swingarm and a-arms, its a good paint if you use plenty of crystal clear on top, other than that it looks really good.
Guess I wont be the only one with a black an orange Warrior anymore I guess a color change is in store for next winter ;D
actually, my warrior was black and orange a week after i got it:p painted the plastics black an some parts on the engine an frame onange... but the reat of the frame is silver lol i make eevrything those colors cuz thats the color of my race car.. ;D ur black and orange quad is my IDOL! ;D..... i could do blue an yellow, color of my dads car an my new one also... well once we get it built, dark blue plastics an dark yellow frame? hmmm
Mine is bent at the top, so it screws up the handle bars. It was rolled wayy back and Ithought it was the bars, until i got new ones and I had the sameproblem. lol. Its not hard I guess. Mike