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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
I been thinkin alot lately and its been crossin my mind to buy a blaster or banshee and just make it fast rather then buy parts for the warrior. I ride mostly trails and muddy areas. I know a banshee will work because i have riddin them. All my friends ride 400ex's and i dont wanna be left behind. What should i do?
you can't beat a warrior's reliability, especially on the trails. Ive ridden a blaster, i didn't think it was fun on the trails. Ive never ridden a banshee but i know they got a lot of balls and you may not want to much of that in the trails. If you really wanted to beef up your warrior, it wouldn't be hard or to expensive. But its your choice bro.
stay away from a blaster, the motor is good, but the rest of the bike sucks, it has crap brakes, crap suspension, crap ergonomics. A banshee is good but they start to suck on trail because of the peaky powerband.
yea i was ridin with my buddy one time and he had his shee and it would always bog. The last time we went ridin the thing just **** the bed and he sold the thing for parts. My other friend has a blaster really decked out pipes, .60 over, 36mm carb, airbox... just about everything but shocks and swingarm and a arms done. The thing is good on the trails but he always bottoms his shocks he says and it comes up way to easy. Id just stick with the warrior man but its up to u ::)
Ok now should i buy a raptor or keep the warrior. I could sell the warrior and buy the raptor. I do trails that got mud and just basically woods ridin. So keep warrior and put things on it or buy a raptor?
i still say keep the warrior and mod it.... the rappy is tippy and big and could get ya in trouble on the tight fast trails id just keep it if i were u ::)
Well if im gonna keep it i want it to be close to my friends 400ex. Hes got white bros exhaust, a race cam and a jet kit i think thats it. What am i gonna need to stay with that? I i could id rather not take apart my engine.
alot man...but i would say maybe get a pretty sure they make them for warriors/350 rappys check it out it will give u alot more power...other then that if u really want a new quad look into a z400 or kfx400 there nice on trails
Raptor - ultimate trail quad. I say keep the good old warrior and get a raptor >_<! Once your warrior is gone your name will be deleted off the member list of this fourm too - jp ;D!
The Rappy is a sweet bike. My friend has one and you can't even really compare a warrior to it. I love the Warrior, but Raptors (660s) are awesome.