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Mar 1, 2005
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god it seems like whenever you post something about your quad in the 350 & under section people bash you like a mofo, we should tell harlen to make the ******* thing the 300ex / 250x section for christ's sake

Its like that everywhere. Although the most common reply I see to a warrior on other websites are "sell that POS". Its stupid I know. I usually try to keep my ass here and just browse other sites so I don't have to listen to thier stupidity.
i know it man excecialy u.... u get bashed for every post u make, how about the oone on how much travel u have pople were like o wow ummm u need shocks and umm i know this kids whos got more and **** like that and that kinnda **** happens everywhere on the site then when u try to defend yourself all the 300ex people start sayin, o my god u do u warrior poeple allways bash us 300ex's and they also say o come race me on a track haha its so stupid!!!! **** em i try to stand up for u and anyone else that gets bashed cause they got warriors and they start **** with me its so stupid :mad:
i like my warrior. its fine for me. almost beats my friends z so no problems here. pos honds man- **** em
They're a bunch of kids who want to think they are the best riders and have the best toys. You gotta overlook them. Some people can be respectful and helpful, but they don't hang around there because they are treated like that too.
This is another little comment i came across at that site

a 400ex and z400 will blow away a raptor 350 or warrior. raptor is slow and is more utility than sport.

wow someones just a little bias

heres the whole link to the thread
i just overlook them people, you have to or you get just like them...(pissy and dont know ****).