ATV under water. HELP!

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Dec 6, 2005
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Greenfield Indiana
Hey guys,
Well today i went riding and endded up in a 5 feet deep water hole. My z was under water for 1 to 2 mins. I took it back to are camp site and flushed all the water out of her. Now she wont start. Wont even try to start. Any ideas?
What? why the **** would i have to rebuild a brand new engine. the engine turns over fine. It didnt lock up or ever try to.
The whole motor was full of water, it would be wise to at least run a flush through it, water can destroy a motor in no time, if i remember right tistheman did this exact same thing and he ended up doing a topend rebuild. Im not saying you have to, most likely it will be fine, but id check it out inside.
Yes as i said i have already got all the water out of the engine. It has spark and its getting gas. But for some reason it wont fire.
What happens when you press the button to start it up?? If nothing, have you checked all the fuses by chance?
He said it has spark and the wiring probabbly ok, I would think.

Check for spark again ,Just to make sure. Clean the float bowl out on the carb. Just to be sure you got all the water out.
Check your air cleaner .........Saturated it may becausing a total rich condition.

Check your compression .........couldnt hurt.........

If ya have spark ....gas and good compression.........gotta run dude.
Lol I have checked every thing you can think of now. has a beautiful Spark, I cleaned the carb today, changed the oil, Checked the timing, and still nothing. Wont even fire if I shoot some starter fluid in the intake.

Note to self..... Z400 + 5 feet of water = A fucked up Z!
Well that things EVIL!!!!

Not try to make ya sound lame or anything.................but how do you check for spark.

Are ya pulling the plug out thats in the machine and seeing if its firing? (the plug it self)
Is it the the same plug that took the bath or a new one?

You would think if the plug is firng .........starter fluid has to make it do somthing.......pop ,fart ,****,

Take no offense dude..........just trying to help : )
Well that things EVIL!!!!

You would think if the plug is firng .........starter fluid has to make it do somthing.......pop ,fart ,****,

Take no offense dude..........just trying to help : )


If it has any kind of spark, starting fluid will make it do something. Unscrew the drain on the bottom of the carb and make sure there is no water in the bottom of the float bowl. (I know you said you did that, but just splurting stuff out.)

Now for the bad stuff. Did you hit the starter when the engine was water logged? It is common to do valve damage and upper end damage on a water logged engine. Water does not compress like air. Can you do a compression check on it? Maybe just the old fashion thumb over the plug hole while hitting the starter to make sure you have pressure.

Hope something works out. My sons Raptor took a wheels up bath in the river this spring and it took quite a while to get it running again, but the starting fluid would at least make it belch a little. Ended up being a little bit of water in the bowel that I did not get out the first time cleaning the carb.
Yes, with the starter fluid it will make a nice flame out of the exhaust port. But that's it. Well, the quad is brand new so I still have warranty so its headed to the dealer.
haha, they wont cover you running it into a lake under warrenty...
no, not if you fucked them up royaly, ive seen it happen, why do you even ask questions if you know everything?
Yea thats y you dont tell them. Its being fixed as we speak.

Water damage leaves NOTICABLE evidence.

As soon as they crack your cases, BOOM, there goes your Warranty.

Also, Fresh oil in a cooked motor=Goodbye Warranty.

I'll bet 20 bucks that you snapped a Timing chain, or somehow fubared a valve.

IBpost"Goddamn Yamaha denied my warranty claim, and now they want 2500 for the motor work, or they won't let my quad out of quad jail."
lol, yep, water damage is obvious when you open up the motor
lol, yep, water damage is obvious when you open up the motor

"We denied your warrnaty because you Hydrolocked your motor"

"What? It was never in water??????"

"Care to explain how your bearings have rust on them, and the machined surfaces of the crank, rod, and most electrical mounting plates, as well as screws, and bolts have rust on them?"


"You do know misrepresenting a warranty claim is called FRAUD in most states, don;t you?"