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Feb 27, 2005
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Hastings, Pa
I just went to wallymart and picked up some of those MR, clean magic erasers. These things are awesome for cleaning white plastic. If you plastic is like mine and is not that new anymore and kinda dull and scratched up you need to get some of these. After a while my plastic started to turn a brown mud color that i didnt like. even with normal washing it was doing this and i couldnt get it out no matter how hard a scrubbed with a sponge or rag. I took this magic eraser and about 10 mins of my time and took it to my plastic. Right away i could see it was taking all the muddy junk off, my plastic is pure white again now. It made it look soooooo much better. But on a newer set of plastic that is still really shiny i would not use this on it, it would most likely make it dull, the reason i used it on mine was because it was already really dull. Also i wouldnt use them on anything but light colored plastic, unless your plastic is in really bad shape. But these thing works great and are pretty cheap, 1 pad could do probebly just about one set of plastic., i bought 4 pads for like 3.50. :cool:
yeah i use them, they are great, only problem is that once you use them once your plastics get dirty quicker becuase its kinda like sandpaper. But go grab another one and your good to go.