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Mar 5, 2005
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Southern Cayuga, New York
Unadilla MX:Seeing how most of the members live in the northeast, i think this is an appropriate message/reminder. July 30-31, 2005 is the 11th round of ITP ATVA ATV Nationals. this is probably within 8 hours of most of the members here. I'm definatly going. It's going to be sick! Thursday is vendor/racer setup. Friday is 6 hours of practice 11-4pm. Sat. is 9 hours of practice thats over 45 motos! Sunday is all day racing. WooT! also there is a pro autograph session at 1:45pm. All the pros are gonna be there, and since it's the 11th round, the racing is gonna be intense. Unadilla Motosports is located in New Berlin, NY. Maybe this doesn't appeal to you but all i know is i'm going and i'm seriously stoked about seeing the pros. Hit me up for any questions/directions/whatever. also
here's a map and the route you'd take sexy99warrior:

anybody else need help or directions?
thats pretty cool....only thing, i dont drive, lol. My freind with a 400ex wants to race relly badly, and hes got a truck.