Anyone live in the Orange County, New York area?

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Apr 13, 2005
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If so, you guys gotta take a trip up to Maybrook or Yellow Frate some people call it. Awsome lace to ride, its amazing. I want to go every weekend.
Um, death does and i have a bazillion relatives up there and go about 4 times a year. this summer will be my first time taking my real quad up there ;D death says theres some track called playboy track and says theres some sweet ridin spots like the opposite lane on the highway ;).
No riding on the road is bad young grass hopper. X_X! The yellow frate riding area is called "MTA" and has been forever.
I'm only about 500 miles away, I'll be there in a few minutes!!! ;D
I'm from Dutchess County Area, Ive been wanting to ride there. What kind if riding is there ( Race track,trails,etc.) Any body got some pics of the area.How do you get there from the MiD Hudson Bridge.

I assume you mean the beacon bridge. You go west on 84 until exit 5 (maybrook/Montgomery) and once you descend the off ramp there will be a light. At this light make a left onto 208 proceeding to go under 2 bridges (84 east and west) and through two more traffic lights. Once you go through the last traffic light there will be a Subway on your left and a Deli/Hess on your right. Continue up 208 about a quarter mile until you see a bar and a dirt parking lot on your left. Everyone on Saturdays and Sundays parks in this bar's dirt lot (you will find it w/o a problem on these days it can get mobbed). The entrance to MTA is a long section of whoops on the other side of the RR tracks followed by numerous other trails. In some spots the whoops in MTA go on for 4-5 miles straight! There is a bowl in the ground to ride in, horse shoes, jumps, and lots and lots and lots of trails! When you are parked in the bar’s lot there is a small trail leading out the back of the bar's lot across a private driveway/road (for yellow freight trucking); cross the road and proceed over onto the dirt path. You will notice a raised area where you can cross the tracks easy and get access to the whoop stretch; once you cross the tracks to get to the bowl you want to go right and follow the whoops down pass an old train station (on your left) and then make the next left shortly coming up there after. You then go down this small trail and the Bowl of MTA is right there. MTA is the “hub” for most of the best riding spots in Orange County (such as tetz); you can pretty much get anywhere from there. I have been riding there for 5-6 years and still have not been down all the trails it has to offer!! ;D
No wonder you haven't been down all of them death, your quad is disassembled and being modded 90% of the time!!! j/k ;D