anyone know website for jetting warriors??

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Apr 8, 2005
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does anyone know a website that gives detail on how to rejet a warrior? thanks alot
Dont know a website but with instructions that came with my Dynojet kit and a service manual i did mine. Was really easy with those 2 things.
yea those instructions are very helpfull, i almost jetted it for the first time but the only reason why i didnt jett it right was because i made a slit in a plastic part of the carb cuz of those damn screws are so tight. but besides going out and buying another piece, its REALLY easy

Next time I rejet my carb ill make a how-to on it. Yet it is very simple to do and it only takes me a couple minutes to rejet after getting the carb off.
Hell im even more lazy then that, i don't even take the carb off, i loosen the clamps and twist it to one side. Theres your 5 minute main jet chainge, the needle is a diffrent story, you have to pull plastics and the tank off on the rappys, so thats like a whole 15 minutes.
You cant twist a Warrior carb in the boots.The carb is bolted directly to the intake boot on the engine side.