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Feb 27, 2005
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Toledo, OH
Well I was really looking forward to maybe getting a new hood and gas tank cover in orange for my warrior. Check my thread in Images. Well maier said they dont make them. If I was gonna buy alot of them than they would make some. I guess it is pointless to make just one. This isnt the race hood that Im talkin about. So if evryone wants go ahead and call maier and complain with me. Maybe if enough people call about it and ask why they dont make it maybe they'll start. I know Im not the only one who wants orange. FMFWarrior has orange on his bike too. C'mon guys help a brother out. So who's in?
i dont have a warrior but i will help u out....whats the number i will call them tommorow...peace!!!!!
well kiss that idea goodbye. They are a bunch of dick heads. W dont have enough demand is what they say for orange hoods. That is GAY
if they say no to me, im gonna give them like 100 emails, so they do it, lol
ya, has anyone except me emailed maier? Cuz i havent got a responce.