Anybody have hotcam or know how to put em in?

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Jun 16, 2005
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im definatly considering getting a hotcam drop in soon. ive heard its fairly easy to put in but does anyone have some input on the whole installation thing?

also any reviews would be awesome

If i do remember right, the Hotcam for a warrior will not go in a rappy 350. Well it will go in, but the cam bearings between the warrior and rappy 350 are diffrent so it will mess it up inside. But its simple, pull the cam cover off, pull the cam cahin tensioner out, loosen the cam bolt and pull the sprocket off, the pull the cam out. Take teh hotcam(with a new cam bearing from your yamaha dealer put on it) and just drop it in reverse the steps, make sure its in time, and adjust the valves. Pretty simple.
Well its a pretty good top-end increase over stock, you can deffinitly feel that its in there. But it gives a little more power everywhere. Deff. pulls harder on top though.