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Feb 11, 2014
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1991 warrior. starter had a clunking when I got it, so I replced the starter clutch. that eliminated most of the clunk, except right when the starter stops spinning, which I hear is normal.

clutch has worked flawless for 1 year +.

then 1 day on the trail it decided to just free-wheel. I hit the case with a stick a few times and it caught and started. repeated the same a few times that day. finally got to point it just spins forever.

took it apart today and all the gears and bearings look great. no scaring on the big gear/sprag surface. sprags all look great and rock free. it grabs real hard when rotated by hand.

now that I have the cover off, I put all the gears in palce and everything works normal. it spins the engine just fine every time.

what would make it randomly decide to not grab, when all the mechanicals look in fine shape (and only 1 year old)?

Does a polished surface on the nose of the big gear lead to slipping? Should that be roughened up with sandpaper to provide more bite?
hmm not too sure why it would slip like that, but i wouldn't sand the big gear. that would just make things worse im sure

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