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Apr 12, 2005
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what should i do keep my 03 warrior stocks or keep saving and get a 06 banshee any ideas?
uuuuhhhhm id say go with a yfz450, pretty much past the banshee in all aspects, plus its not a 2 smoke, or if you need reverse get a 450r, or was it the z-400 that has reverse??
i use my reverse all the time, i probably used it atleast 10 times today up north but if you dont need it go with a yfz450, cuz if you can beat them(and if you got the money) join them lol
I don't really see the use for it. If you need to turn around do a donut and if you need to back up stick your feet out on the front wheels and roll the bitch backward.
lol ive done that, but on some of the tight motercycle/quad trails up here, you cant go over the sides of the trails by foot on the wheel power, or do a donut, but hey i guess its all where you ride, i mean id sacrifice reverse for the best bike ever made, but i know some ppl wouldnt
well for the rest of us, were to ****** lazy to push, thts why we buy quads, cuz were to ffreakin lazy to walk from point a to point b lol even tho point b may be 30 miles away, and inaccsesible by car lol