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Mar 29, 2005
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Well, I was going in some mud on a trail by my house and the chain came off the back sprocket I guess and bound up in the front sprocket. There was so much pressure in there the piece of the engine that comes out on top of and in front of the sprocket broke off :-/. And only in one spot did it go deep enough to actually see inside the engine, and that wasn't a very big hole.

So I was originally planning to take out the engine and give it to a shop, get them to split the case and give me that piece and I would go and get it welded. But, after me and my dad took another look at it, we decide we could use some marine epoxy kinda stuff. Its like JBWeld but better I think.
I was just wondering if this has happened to any other warriors or rap 350s out there.
It also happened to my friends warrior but only a little piece broke off. There are some pics for ya


so u cracked the case huh... that sux man im gonna be getting a racing chain and case saver if i can find one for the rappy so i dont crack the case if it happens to pop off on me. hope u can get it fixed man good luck ::)
We just epoxied it today, it takes 24 to dry and it looks great ;D I'll tell ya how it turns out tomorrow, I think it will be quite good.
That is usually what people do, just jb weld the bitch! Should be alright, I saw a guy at bull gap a couple weeks ago with that done.