a girl from school

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Jun 27, 2005
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ft myers fl
theirs a girl from school we ride the bus 2 gether also and she likes 2 flirt with me and touch me any signs to really tell if she likes me?
wht are we new to the girl thing??? she likes to touch you hmmm lol thats never a bad thing... just grow some balls and ask heris she does.... BOY!!!!
Unless you're rich and she knows it (some chicks will try to get your money, as hard as it is to believe), she probably likes you, why else would she be wasting her time flirting with you?
Well you see young grass hopper there are two types of girls - the kind you date and the kind you rape. Now some girls like to flirt with multiple guys just cause they like the attention; if she’s touching you on a constant basis and she allows you to touch her then it probably means she likes you! So **** it haul off and give her a BIG ******* SMOOCH and say something suave; see what happens! You should never be afraid of a girl not liking you or a girl saying no. You have a 50/50 chance at anything with a chick so **** it give it a shot!

By the way this should be in general board…
just ask her out dude or ask her to blow you in the back of the bus:p Guarantee she'll agree to at least 1 of them:p
well i was gonna ask her out on fri but she mas mad pissed bout sumthin..... i tryed 2 get it outa her but she wouldent tell......,,idk kinda sux ill find out whats goin on monday but if shes not interested i whent 2 a party that night and girls where all over me not that i like any of em more than this girl but she was showing absolutly no interest on fri
Thats just how some girls work. They like to play games. Get you to like them then see if you react or not. Get her number call her up. Don't wait until Monday...
i dint go 4 a blonde this time their so damn easy 2 get the darker the hair the smarter and harder to get they are :-/
Act like shes gotta get you fool...dont chase her...if she flirts with you make her work for it and if she comes for ya cool if not shes just annnoothhheeerrr hoooooeeee....so work with that. And then if u dont hook up...be **** buddys.