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May 13, 2005
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I got a few questions about my 01 warrior (stock). At idle there is a ticking noise coming from the engine? Will a different octane correct this problem? If not what will? Also I put my warrior in some decent mud holes about a week ago and since then there is a squeak up front. I was told on another site it was the bolts holding the shocks and that I needed to take them off and spray chain lube on all 4 of the bolts? Is this correct if so, do I not need a special tool to take the shocks off, or do they stay compressed? I am sure I have many more questions. I have had this atv since nov. 01 and am just now getting to ride it. Wanting to do many mods to it, just trying to learn what to do and what not to do. Thanks for any help.
When is the last time you had your valves adjusted if ever? If you haven’t it might be time to go check/adjust them. It's hard to say what needs to be done in regards to that squeaking sound (since we aren't there to screw with anything) you really need to play it by ear. No you don’t need a special tool to get the shocks off just two wrenches or a 14mm wrench and a socket; the shocks un-bolt and bolt right back on how they are - there is no need to compress them.

You can fire away with the questions here many of us are more then happy to help out. :cool:
Thanks for your help. I will take the shocks off and hopefully that will cure the cause. As for getting the valves checked, since it has never been done and I will have to pay someone to do this are there any modification that can be done to them? It may seem like a stupid question but I don't know much about this type of stuff yet.
Thanks in advanced
well normally (on new motors in the first 6 monts - a year) the valves need some adjusting. It is not a HUGE job/deal and is 100% normal but nothing for a complete n00b to do either. You don't want to let those valves start banging their seats up though!!