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also has anyone used lonestar a arms with stock suspension, i am getting a arms first because my stock shocks r in perfect condition but soon iim getting some works soon
i dont have experiance with this, but from what i was told by alot of others,if you have stock suspension, and plus 2 arms your gonna just sink the front end and bottem it out constantly, like buy standing on the front end, the stock suspension cannot hold the extra leverage
The suspension can hold the leverage to a point But as soon as u start hitting whoops, jumps, or the least bit aggressive riding it SUCKS. So if you plan on staying on flat land just dicking around you are ok but anything else = peepee breath in the morning.
well they r ajusdaptle so i can make them stock size until i get shocks but well i have to change anything when i get new shocks.
the r lonestar racing ones the have a canister and adjsut from stock size to +2