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Apr 13, 2005
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Are there any quads that have wider stock a-arms that would fit on warrior?Also, does putting raptor shocks on warrior's stock a-arms, put pressure on the ball joints?
The raptor isn't as likely to stress out the ball joints since it's also a narrow quad, the yfz shocks will since they are valved and sprung much stiffer to accomodate the wider arms.
no i dont think there are any quads with aarms that fit the warrior..that i know of ...and even if there were they wouldnt be all that much wider...so it be kind of a lost cause...but yeah the raptor rear shock 2002 only will fit on the warrior BUT honestly it isnt all that its cracked up to be .....i mean in the end its still a stock shock..maybe alittle better but not all that noticable acctept its longer and will sit the ass end up alittle higher...but really a works shock would be a better deal....or just get your stock one rebuilt....front shocks would just be better to go and get aftermarket ones because like stated befor they arnt gonna be much better or there gonna **** up your ball joints...
ya, thanx for the replies i am so close to getting my pipe, only 3 days lol