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Jan 11, 2023
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Hey, I could use a hand guys I have a 96 Warrior and my machine will not high rev. It's not ignition, fuel, or timing, I've adjusted and fixed and replaced parts but no matter what I do it will not high rev consistently. Once I get past 3/4 throttle and dont let off it sputters and dies. What do you guys think.


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Start by taking the screw out of your gas tank vent, the carb is fighting the vacuum being created in the tank as the fuel level drops
Otherwise it could be the parking brake switch cutting timing is a common problem. You should be able to just unplug it and test that
If it's not those, might be either the accelerator pump or main jet on the carb? The way it breaks up when you whack it makes me think searching the pen spring mod might lead you the right way
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