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Mar 1, 2005
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Im not very familiar with the mods you can do to a warrior/raptor but doesnt someone make a 408 big bore kit for the 350 engines??? also does anyone have a factory4 full exhaust on their raptor and how well does it improve the acceleration/ thanks for any info
I forgot who made it but a while ago the 408 stroker was popular, now they make the 446cc monster by FST, and the 430cc from powroll. La Sleeve makes a 385cc kit, and by just boring your cylinder over .80, you make the 365cc kit you hear people talk about.
what about a 357 warrior.. i just like the way that sounds ;D wiseco makes a 357 overbore piston for the warrior

oh yeah, do u or anyone have a link for that 446 kit? i cant seem to find it...
hey hero, how about you straighten your crotch rocket deal out, fix your steering stem, and all that other stuff "you need", and then maybe you can think about getting a 446 stroker kit. I mean honestly, this stuff costs money, unless your that rich. If you don't fix that stuff now, there's no sense in getting a 446 kit because you'll have no quad to put it in!
i never said i was getting a 446 kit, i just like to know where everything is, just in case i want to one day :p yeah im odd.. right now my favotires r full of atv stores full of things i may never buy..., im not sure if im going to do the engine swap or not :-/ money is a problem at the momment with the engine rebuild an stuff on my race car... my quad is an after thought as far as money goes right now, also i dont want my quad to be.. unrideable for the type of riding i do.. i dont go drag racing or anything like that, i ride really tight widning trails that even with the stock warrior motor i never get out of 3rd gear lol im sure sometime i will have a quad with a street bike motor in it, but not this warrior right now... maybe my rappy lol but my dad would kill me if i did that.. sence he rides it more than me

a 365cc is .80 over, 357 is .40 over and then add some stroke to get the 430/446 cc kit, FST aka mickey dunlop is the man when it comes to those strokers, but no website, powroll has a site, but they go up to 430cc's, still very, very juicy.
I have a full Factory 4 and love it. Its not too loud and was a good improvement in power. Throttle response was alot better also. IO have the FMF Power Bomb header though and not the reaguler header. The whole FMF kit is also about have the weight of the factory muffler alone.