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Jun 3, 2005
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Hey guys, I know this is a warrior site but figured y'all may have an answer! My buddy just got a 02 400ex that is 40over,cam,jetted,K&N pro and WB exhaust. It's his first quad and way too much for him! I ride it and this mofo is a SOB to keep the front end down. And with the bike sitting higher than a warrior it seems akward to handle. Are all 400ex's like this? Thinking of strapping some weights to the front to keep it down and improve handling....what do ya think about this? I love all the power but if all 400ex's sit this high and handle like crap, I'm very grateful I have a warrior.
Other then putting weights on the front you could take some of the goodies off, but that just wouldn't be any fun. But since it is his first quad that could literally be an option, if he got any of the stock parts. Then just add them again after time. I feel very akward on them also, but that is b/c I am so use to my bike. Also warriors are heavier then the 400ex and the engine doesn't sit as far up, making them easier to wheelie and bring up.

By the way off subject but did you travel to Louisville to the atv world fair? If so how was it..My buddy didn't want to drive so we didn't go.
Put some A-Arms, 6ply tires, and suspension on (that will put a decent portion of weight on the front) but yea the 400EXs are very light in the front so they like to come up during hill climbs (bad) and are pretty easy to wheelie. Another thing you can do is up the gearing - it sounds like you may be geared to low... For the mods he has it should not be that uncontrollable it just sounds like he is geared to low or he’s sitting on like the grab bar lol; we have a 440EX and don’t have that problem... Yes the EX sits high it also feels like it’s higher due to the seat position and shape of the plastics. When the warrior is dropped from its 22” tires and widened it’s planted like a mofo!
Hey guys thanks for the tips on the enemy. I'll check the sprockets tonight for the gearing. I know he has 22" tires in behind and is thinking about getting 20". Guess that would make it worse, but if we change the sprockets maybe not! Thanks again.
Pelphrey, no I didnt make it to Loserville for the fair, damn 2nd job is killing me. Hey have you ever ridden at Bucks Run in Bedford?
Nope. Currently I can't ride in any public places, since I do not have a helmet.

Where exactly is bedford?
lol...dude get yourself a helmet already! How much have u spent on mods and still no $70 helmet to save ur mellon! Bedford is about 45mins north of loserville. I've never been but picked up a flyer the other day advertising it.
Looks ok!
Yeah. I am working on the whole helmet thing. I hope to have one by 2007. If I get lucky maybe before then :)