1987 Rear brake disc.

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Feb 15, 2024
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Washington State
Hello everyone.

So my son came home yesterday from a friend's house with a warrior. No one there knew anything about it other then it was supposedly a 1991 warrior the just lost power and won't run and the moms Ex-boyfriend was now serving life without parole.

Anyway turns out the bike is a 1987 not a 1991. Sofar it turns out the ignition switch was bad and that was the power problem. But now It needs the brakes done front brakes are easy I have a full set of NOS and good used 87 fronts but nothing for the rear.

My 87 has a offset rear disc
My 89 has a flat rear disc
But this bike has a flat rear disc
And the caliper looks to have been rubbing on the disc.

Do I just need a 89 and newer caliper for the rear or is there more I need to do?

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