14T to 12T Front Sprocket

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    East Gilly Raptor

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    Jul 12, 2019
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    I recently purchased a 12T Sprocket because I was under the impression that this quad was running a stock 13T. Of course after I had ordered, I decided to count the teeth on the current sprocket to see if the previous owner may have already gone with a 12T as I am fairly new to Quads and could not "feel" just by riding.. Turns out the previous owner actually went the other direction with gearing and it has a 14T on it now. My question for everyone is simply this, Will going down 2 teeth in the front be a bad idea for my machine? I am fairly used to the riding style now but I was looking to put a little more torque to it. Keep in mind upon purchasing the 12T I thought i was only going down 1. OOF! I have read a decent amount about gearing and feel like I have a basic understanding of what does what and what makes you faster in the top/bottom end so I do know somewhat what I am getting into with the 12T. I would love any and all input!!
    Thanks in advance everyone!

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