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East Gilly Raptor

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Jul 12, 2019
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I recently purchased a 12T Sprocket because I was under the impression that this quad was running a stock 13T. Of course after I had ordered, I decided to count the teeth on the current sprocket to see if the previous owner may have already gone with a 12T as I am fairly new to Quads and could not "feel" just by riding.. Turns out the previous owner actually went the other direction with gearing and it has a 14T on it now. My question for everyone is simply this, Will going down 2 teeth in the front be a bad idea for my machine? I am fairly used to the riding style now but I was looking to put a little more torque to it. Keep in mind upon purchasing the 12T I thought i was only going down 1. OOF! I have read a decent amount about gearing and feel like I have a basic understanding of what does what and what makes you faster in the top/bottom end so I do know somewhat what I am getting into with the 12T. I would love any and all input!!
Thanks in advance everyone!
depending on how you ride [ pull wheelies ride hard band turns get the 12 t you will love it most people dont think about the rear ya its harded to in stall than people buy the oring chain wast of money ya you will change out 3 reg chain to one oring but it will take a wile buy a fmf exhaust carb jet kit but it would be fun
Thanks for the advice!! I actually had already purchased the 12. I ran it for a week or so and the gearing was just really short and I honestly didn't see that much of a torque increase. So it didn't seem worth it to me to leave it on. I bought a new chain and went back to the 14T. I just felt like the Quad was being robbed of power because it would get to 6th gear so quickly and then it would just kinda rev out before the actual power was kicking in. I felt a lot more power with the 14 in the mid range for sure. Lesson learned. But if I need low gearing in the future I have it on standby. LOL
That same feeling is the reason I have a 16t on mine now. The more power the motor makes the more it needs to stretch it's legs.
So does the 16T greatly increase top end? How long does it take to get to 6th gear? Did you need a longer chain to accommodate? Sorry for all the ?s just curious about gearing and trying to find out if the bigger front is worth it for a 350.

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