10 inch, 9 inch, or 8 inch

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Apr 12, 2005
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Im getting new wheels and tires for christmas I have decided to go with kenda klaw tires 21inch in front 20inch in rear, and douglas .190 wheels. What size wheels should I go with in the rear 10inch, 9inch, or 8inch, and why?

(I ride mainly trails and on occasion mx)
wht exacly is tt???... not trying to steal your thread garretthinojosa....
but i would go with the 9 in rim
10 - used for tt because it has little sidewall flex

9 - used for flat mx / packed mx tracks with flat corners for reduced sidewall flexing

8 - used for most all around mx, it is forgiving, and still corners predictably without sidewall flex, but is forgiving compared to a 9 inch which doesnt have the advantage of a forgiving sidewall as much as a 8 inch

for you i would go witha 9 inch