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  1. MeowKat94

    New Member…Help! 2002 Yamaha Warrior 350

    New to the community here, just purchased a 2002 Yamaha warrior 350 and started a rebuild to get this baby up and running! Have run into a few issues with startup and hoping someone has had some of the same issues or give some suggestions! Engine has good compression. Have good spark. Fuel is...
  2. YamahaWarriorGasGas

    Oil Leaking from the Stator Wires.

    So I thought my oil Seal was bad on my Foot shifter and replaced it still leaking. Then changed the countershaft seal thinking it was that throwing the oil onto the Stator side of engine and stator case and Nope not that either. So I pressure washed my bike and ran it for a bit to see where the...
  3. YamahaWarriorGasGas

    New Here and Just Rebuilt 02 Warrior. Couple issues.

    So I just rebuilt my entire warrior from the frame up.. At first I was using the old carb and it was bogging everytime I hit a bump in 2nd or 3rd... Only when I hit bumps.. so I thought it was maybe my carb and I ordered a brand new one put it on yesterday as well as cleaned airbox / lid and...
  4. East Gilly Raptor


    Bought a 2005 Raptor 350 in Good condition not too long ago. The process of spending money and modding has already begun. Turns out I am finding more and more that has already been done to it and some minor mods here and there that I can do. I think the first owner may have raced it due to "ICON...
  5. D

    1991 warrior starting issue

    Hello, I recently replaced my starter in my warrior. When I try to start it the starter spins for about 5-10 seconds then i can hear it finally catch and start to turn the engine over. It still does this even with a jump pack hooked up. Can I take my starter out and hook it up to a power source...
  6. Beastmode17

    Front end friday!!! Lets see em

    Seen this all over the net today from several sites and Forums, Thought it would be cool to do it here. Lets see them fronts.
  7. V

    Performance Head Work

    As mention i will be porting my head, after looking at the specs of the head i have decided to only work to exhaust port, clean and lengthen the intake only this should increase my torque. will post pictures soon any question p.m me
  8. V

    var_warrior say;s hello

    Hello to all and yes am too a new member to this site and look forward to chat with you all, don't forget to subscribe to my post to keep up with my build.
  9. BornWithNoBrains

    um ok....

    ok i have a 02 warrior and a 01 warrior.... the 02 had a valve sticking and it was running crappy...so instead of fixing the valve....i just switched engines...i have a 02 frame and wiring with a 01 motor? and its not running the magnetos are different? and the wiring? do i need the cdi box and...
  10. J

    Warrior Yfz450

    Hey so I bought some 06' yfz450 plastic for 50 bucks and i want to share some pics and hear your comments. Thanks for viewing!