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  1. WV98YFM350

    Looking for input and est. on a top end rebuild

    What piston/rings, should i hone or port n polish, should i change cam and valves too? just looking for your personal opinions. My compression is just so so...thoughts?
  2. J

    LOUD clunking problem

    Today I was riding my '02 warrior with a friend and it was riding fine for a while.. then he said he stalled it in first and from that point on it clunked realllly loud and would start but would not idle right and sounded bad. For a while it would clunk sometimes when starting and almost always...
  3. N

    Top end rebuild help

    So im def new to this forums thing. and engine work. Im not completly retarded but if i seem like idk what im talking about, its because i dont. I just purchased a 350 warrior for cheep, not looking to puch too much into it. just enought to get it running. But ill spend what i need. It would run...