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    finding neutral easier and shorter shifting solution - prototype in works and testing

    worked out a solution to the issues most of us have finding neutral. newly designed shift star helps eliminate that issue and with the rounded edges helps with smoother faster shifting. 3 of these are currently being tested and initial results are great! smoother shifting points and easier to...
  2. bluethunder86

    shifting is easy, slips when you gun it though

    im sure this has been brought up before in different threads but i need straight answers. its an 88 warrior 350 the oil has been changed and so has the filter. i start the atv and let it warm up, doesnt take long because its about 50 here. i can get on and shift into first and take off slowly...
  3. T

    can't esily get out of reverse or find neutral.

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 97 350. It's got a few hiccups and this one is becomign a pain. I can easily shift into reverse by using the reverse cable and shifting down. However, I cannot get the thing out of reverse :loco:. I usually have to shut the machine down and keep going back...