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  1. M

    1987 Warrior Revival plans

    Hello all! New member from Waterloo,NY. Over the weekend I bought back a sentimental quad. My parents bought me an 87 warrior for my 15th birthday which I owned and lightly customized from ‘03-‘14 when I sold it. At the time I had just bought a house and didn’t have a place to ride. Life is very...
  2. Bubba0

    Build Suggestions

    I have a 87 Warrior and when I changed the oil the other day I discovered gas in the oil and it looked like a 5 year old girl had stored her glitter collection in the pan as well. So i'm going to assume that the cylinder looks much like washboard. What I was wondering was what do you guys...
  3. J

    New here and new to atv's

    Hi I just purchased a 1999 yamaha warrior and was told that the bottom end needs rebuilt but I was also told that it was bored out to make it a 400 if it is bored out do I need a bigger crank or piston any help would be appreciated as I am new to all of this thank you in advance josh
  4. 89warrior408

    89 yamaha warrior 350 overhaul

    i recently bought an blown up, beat up, destroyed warrior for $100 on Craigslist. When I bought it I had a general idea of the condition. the seller hadn't posted and pictures so it was a guessing game for me all the posting said that the engine needed rebuilt and needed rims and tires. I...
  5. Naterwedge

    My first round with a Warrior :)

    Hi y'all. I've been lurking on this site for a week now and there is so much good stuff! I just recently obtained my first warrior, I kind of got screwed on a trade with it. I've been out of riding atv's for over 6 years, but have always been a Honda loyalist (easy now haha). So when I got...
  6. blackandproud14

    97 yamaha warrior 350 rebuild?

    :atv:hey guys im new to this sight i jut got the 97 yamaha warrior 3 month ago i have been putting together a list of parts to get for it i just got a tusk aluminum competition series front bumper and a k&n airfilter im thinking about getting a big gun pipe i found on ebay but im also about to...
  7. WV98YFM350

    Looking for input and est. on a top end rebuild

    What piston/rings, should i hone or port n polish, should i change cam and valves too? just looking for your personal opinions. My compression is just so so...thoughts?
  8. J

    Warrior top end

    My '02 warrior has a leaking base gasket which after months of being ignored now needs to be replaced. Since I'm going in there, I'm wondering what else I should do to prevent future top end repairs... I'm not very experienced but I'm pretty sure it needs rings because it's smoking more and more...
  9. W

    Warrior engine rebuild

    Sup guys im kinda new to this forum. It is the first time I am rebuilding a quad. I have a 1988 yamaha warrior that is looking pretty awesome but i had a crack in the piston between the rings. It never smoked or anything but since i want to restore this thing to like new, i was hoping someone...
  10. Johnsonty1024

    Motor Rebuild

    I have a completely stock 1987 warrior and i am looking for someone to rebuild it for me . I want it taken apart , clean out and put back together and if there are any parts that need to be replace , inform me so i can buy the parts to replace them. This includes top end bottom end and...
  11. S

    Engine removal help!!!

    hey everyone.. im new to this forum.. but i just bought a 98 warrior for 900. it ran perfectly until i took the front fender off. the wires were a mess and the cdi or something shorted out.. well anyway, i decided to do a complete rebuild.. i have every thing off the frame but the engine.. i...