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  1. Bubba0

    Build Suggestions

    I have a 87 Warrior and when I changed the oil the other day I discovered gas in the oil and it looked like a 5 year old girl had stored her glitter collection in the pan as well. So i'm going to assume that the cylinder looks much like washboard. What I was wondering was what do you guys...
  2. T

    please help, 379 hot rods stroker

    ok im new to messing with the internal engine parts. i have what i believe is a 91 warrior. i want to put in the hot rods +4mm crank(379cc). i am unsure on what piston to get. hot rods says you have to use their piston(P3001), i know you can use other pistons as i have seen it on this site. i am...
  3. CarolusRex98

    84mm piston in a '98 warrior

    I'm thinking about getting a 84mm weisco piston for my 1998 yamaha warrior 350 will it fit and if so will it make faster or stronger or hopefully both
  4. J

    LOUD clunking problem

    Today I was riding my '02 warrior with a friend and it was riding fine for a while.. then he said he stalled it in first and from that point on it clunked realllly loud and would start but would not idle right and sounded bad. For a while it would clunk sometimes when starting and almost always...
  5. J

    Warrior top end

    My '02 warrior has a leaking base gasket which after months of being ignored now needs to be replaced. Since I'm going in there, I'm wondering what else I should do to prevent future top end repairs... I'm not very experienced but I'm pretty sure it needs rings because it's smoking more and more...
  6. X

    engine overheating??

    hey guy, ive got a Warrior with a .040 over Wisco 10.25 piston, DG full exhaust, K&N filter w cut up airbox lid, Rev box, Jet kit and a few other mods. i recently installed a TrailTech Vapor dash wich is totally great! but its reading that my warrior runs at about 375-400 degrees under hard...