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  1. ViktorioH

    Machine shuts off when put in reverse

    When I put it in reverse it shuts off .
  2. MeowKat94

    New Member…Help! 2002 Yamaha Warrior 350

    New to the community here, just purchased a 2002 Yamaha warrior 350 and started a rebuild to get this baby up and running! Have run into a few issues with startup and hoping someone has had some of the same issues or give some suggestions! Engine has good compression. Have good spark. Fuel is...
  3. J

    Carb help!!!! Please and thank you

    so recently bought a new carburetor for my 1998 warrior. The brand of the carburetor is Niche. it has two adjustable screws the air and mixture screw. I bolted it on and started it up and started idling. the problem is when you give it gas it either stales or it will putter. when i can get the...
  4. R

    Raptor 350, best mods for money?

    :atv:ive got a 2013 Yamaha raptor350. ive saved up about $500 and want to spend it on my wheeler. I don't really need more speed, but torque doesn't hurt. im interested in protection, and suspension( possibly extended a-arms, and axle), any ideas what to get? the quads already got, -AC...
  5. V

    Clutch issues please help

    Hi I hear this is the place for warrior help I'm new to the forum I need some help with my clutch I think. Pulled the clutch lever (had a huge amount of tension) and started it and went to let off to drive and my clutch didn't disengage. the clutch lever is just limp and where my clutch cable...
  6. yamaballer97

    400ex Help Needed!

    Hey there guys, well I recently traded the Banshee for my 02 400ex. I noticed after I first rode it for a while it seeped a little oil out of some of the gaskets. So I fifgured it's no big deal, and I'll go buy some gaskets and put them in. But after riding it for a little over an hour, I...