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I'm actually a fan of the color scheme. I wanna take it all apart this winter and clean everything up, try and restore the plastic to its original shine. Just to go and get it all muddy again:evilface:
My 1996 Warrior its pretty good for stock

i know its purple and blue i am going to order red and black plasti dip for it.

after a day of riding with my friends 89 suzuki quad runner and the others 01 warrior


After little run. It was the first time, and after 15 minutes flat tyre.

Enviado do meu GT-N7100 através de Tapatalk
the trusty 96.


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Hey, that's looking great! Is that your new build?
I see. Excited to see it. Good luck!
2002 Warrior Rebuilt from the frame up! Washburn Maine Trail systems


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Good shot of my friend's warrior from earlier this year. Had to climb a large hill to see where we couldn't go due to forest fires that day


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Where`s that at Piney? I`m in Jersey and would love to check it out.
Sand pit in west creek. Gotta be mindful if you go back there because it's an active mine bit there's also a bunch of good trails around it