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These steering stabilizers were actually sold by James Lucky in the early 1990s . After they went out of business, a small company copied what James Lucky did, which is use a steering stabilizer for a VW van( as well as dune buggy's) of the late 1960s. This vw stabilizer should say ' COFAP 22007 cia fabicadora de pecas made in Brazil 10-d-2 , on the shock tube. I have tried to order 2 replacement shocks from Brazil from the original supplier in 2021, but was not able to get them shipped to the USA. As far as mounting, the shock body end is bolted to the front unused bolt hole on the engine from the left side. The collar end is mounted on the steering column, make sure you loosen the set screw first, tighten clamp around steering column and adjust everything before tightening the set screw. Also, the heim joint end is adjustable by the 3 holes, middle being standard. I have 4 of these , on a warrior, banshee, blaster and 300 ex, and as long as the shock is still good, they do make a difference in steering. I also found that Harley Davidson used the same part on side car stabilizer in the early 1980s. I hope this helps with installing it.

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