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Aug 14, 2023
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I have two question, the first one is: how fast should my warrior go, because it only gets up to around 50mph (75kmh) and everywhere on the internet seems to say it gets up to 60mph. My engine is healthy and I changed my front sprocket for a 14T and it didn’t really change anything. I don’t know what it could be and if it is normal to only reach 50mph.

The second thing is, where can I get plastics, I know Maier USA does them but they are expensive as heck, so if there are less expensive options I would like to know!
On the top speed bit provided you have stock gearing and stock tire size it could be a slipping clutch. Mine would ride fine but the right side of the motor would get hotter than hell, and once I was riding a bit if I went wide open it'd occasionally full slip. Noticed upper rev range my quad was alot faster with a fresh clutch
Mid 50's seem right. These are geared very low. As long as you're in 6th gear and revving out all the way that's all you have.

Plastics your only other option is watch for used.