Niche rear axle?

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Jun 1, 2023
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Anyone running the niche adjustable width axle? It looks a lot like the now unavailable tusk/gforce axle, is it another rebrand or a cheap copy to be avoided?
Alternatively, what's a good axle option nowadays? Is there any cross-compatible options with other makes?
Bit of a public service announcement: I wound up getting this axle. When I installed it I noticed the clip for the lockout wasn't sitting in it's groove quite right. Plainly it wasn't fitting as the design intended but i kinda just sent it anyway while testing other changes kn the quad. I finally got back to fixing it and I can say confidently the groove in the axle itself isn't cut deep enough to let the snap ring compress under the lock nut. A little precision grinding took care of the issue.20240501_160055.jpg20240629_160026.jpg
Good to know! I plan to use their YFZ replacement when I do the new bearing carrier. Got a friend with a large lathe I can throw it in if it's that bad on the one I get.

I'd check the hardness on the bolt that clamps the nut, too. A light grease or anti-seize might help it from rusting together later on. I'd loctite that small screw on the nut, though

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