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Aug 6, 2023
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Not your typical neutral light problem:
Quad starts and runs fine. When in neutral, I DON'T need to pull clutch in. It's not the safety switch!

2001 Warrior
-Entirely new OEM wire harness
-New OEM neutral switch on engine
-New Relays
-New starter solenoid
-New Battery

Ok. After rebuilding all this, quad runs great. Everything working as intended. All safety light, headlights and tail light.
One day last week the neutral light stops working. I figure, eh just a bulb. I'll get it later.
Went to replace bulb today. Nope bulb's fine. Swapped it with reverse bulb, bulb's fine. Checked connections. Everything good there. Checked voltage. Here's where things get weird. There needs to be 12v to those little bulbs to work. Reverse fine 12v. The neutral side, I've got 5.
So where do those bulbs get current from? There're no other electrical issues to diagnose.
I don't really need it to work. But it bugs me now that I know somethings amiss.
Probably the neutral switch itself, or the cut off relay. I'd check the grounds first. The relay and switch are ground switches. They make ground to light up the bulb.

The reverse light working means it's not a positive power issue as they both get power from the same place in the harness.

Check the terminal on the neutral safety switch first. They can corrode, or just get soaked in oil. You can crimp on a new terminal end if it's corroded.

The switch itself could have failed. If you need to take the switch out, a good tip is to just tilt the quad up onto the right side which will keep the oil in it while you take the neutral safety switch out. Use a oem yamaha new or used switch. Aftermarket ones don't seem to last any time.
It can't be the switch since the quad starts in neutral without the clutch pulled in. It's a new oem, the possibility of a bad on is slim.
It's a single pole switch.
The relays are new Chinese Amazon ones. I thought either they worked or didn't. Is it possible the have a short on one pole causing a ground?

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