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May 26, 2024
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I'm looking into getting a performance carburetor for my Warrior. The stock one is kinda junk from wear and tear. It runs, but doesn't run good. I've cleaned it many times, and I have to clean it more frequently.
Anyways, what carbs do u recommend. If anyone knows how I can get my hands on an Edelbrock Qwiksilver, please let me know. I really want one but they discontinued them I think. Besides that what are some good options?

Also heard some good things about:
Mikuni VM 36/38
Mikuni TM flatside
Keihin FCR 37/39
What is your goals? What has been done and what are you going to do with it? Any experience with carbs?

I built a mild modded Warrior with the stock carb and it was extremely snappy and performed great. Did the usual "o-ring" mod and dialed it in. Getting good parts and using a factory carb is key. Any aftermarket replacement carb has varying issues with quality. Rebuild the factory carb and don't use a cheaper replacement. I found just a soak and spray cleaning didn't get into the circuits enough and had to boil it.

I then wanted to be able to dial it in more and got a FCR 37mm from a YZ250F/YZ450F for my Raptor 350. It's a bigger learning curve if you don't have alot of carburetor experience.

I think a good FCR MX is much better, but I have a lot of time and ordering parts to get it right. I got my best advice on tuning it from ThumperTalk. Search them if you do use a different carb, they have a ton of info on it.

I went with the FCR because I had a partout bike with one. I cleaned it, realized I needed way too many parts, got another one on eBay with aftermarket goodies on it, and sold the one I had.

This place is the best for Keihin parts. if you go that route.
I met the owner, he seemed super nice. Knocked off some of the price because I drove to meet him for the parts with cash. And answered a few questions I had. Also has almost all factory keihin parts.

BTW, the FCR does not directly fit a Raptor 350. Had to dimple the bottom of my fuel tank to fit it. Will fit a Warrior just fine.

DRW sells a nice intake adaptor for a good price.
I'm not using it. I didn't find it till after I machined my own.

Also want to add use ethanol free fuel if you can. Also called REC fuel in some areas. Helps with build up in carbs. Use a decent additive if your going to store it for a while.
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What is your goals? What has been done and what are you going to do with it? Any experience with carbs?
Short term goals are big 3 and then high compression piston and cam. I made posts not too long ago about them. Long term, I plan on doing the FST 446 kit because why not. I understand they don't hold value, but I don't plan on selling it. I just want to turn the old Warrior into something it never thought it could be. I have some experience with tuning, but other than that, idk what other parts or adapters I would need.

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