can't find neutral 98 warrior 350

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May 8, 2023
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I have a 98 warrior 350. I took it riding the other day and it worked flawlessly. after driving a hour home and unloading the 350 I could not get it into neutral to save my life. I let it sit over night and tried it cold the next day and still can not find neutral. Any idea if its a cable adjustment issue or a clutch issue?
It's kind of a warrior thing honestly, every one I've ever rode it was hard to find. A direct shifter helps, but ultimately it's either get an upgraded shift star from zoom zoom or you just find the sweet spot, which totally depends on the oil, the moon phase, and if the there's a pretty woman looking.
Either that or toy have a more serious transmission problem, but that would be the least of the symptoms
It could be a clutch issue. If you have to pull it in all the way to disengage it, try to just adjust it some so the lever on the case has minimal slack when the clutch is let out. If it drags at all, neutral is very hard to get into. Like PineyPower said, it's a bit of a normal thing. If you can go into neutral easy with the engine not running, try to re-adjust the clutch first. Could also be near time to rebuild the clutch pack

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